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Every economy’s growth and development is invariably driven by its financial sector. Ghana’s financial sector can be described as a frontier financial sector, heavily influenced and driven by the banking industry. As the economy grows within the middle income economy classification, the role of the financial sector in the economy becomes more pronounced, especially as global integration of financial market assumes higher levels. These developments would demand a financial sector that encircles the needs of all market participants in the financial market within a stable democratic environment. It is envisioned that the financial markets around the globe will be characterized by innovations, increased integrations, dynamism, complexities, vulnerabilities and increased consumer demands and expectations in the years to come.   

A consequence of these developments would be the need for research and training assistance beyond academic requirements. This support would be a blend of scientific inquiry with a practitioner problem solution package. Central University Unit for Financial Studies (CUUFIS) is a unit at Central University. CUUFIS is a not-for-profit research center conducting independent, non-partisan and impactful scientific and practitioner oriented research on issues that are important to stakeholders of the financial services industry and critical to the development of the financial market in Ghana and beyond. CUUFIS is positioning itself in the financial services sector as a provider of cutting-edge research output with related assignments to aid the development of the financial market, survival of financial institutions, to inform consumers of financial services and products, and to influence appropriate policies. 

CUUFIS dedicates an appreciable amount of resources to investigate long-term research questions that require commitment over an extended period to complete. However, we also identify research questions that are short-term in nature and relevant to the immediate needs of financial institutions, consumers of financial services and the economy at large.


Our Mission

CUUFIS exists to provide independent, practical and problem solving academic research output that focuses on the financial services industry.


Our Vision

Become an independent world class research centre relevant to stakeholders in matters relating to the financial services industry and a reference center for international stakeholders with similar

interest in Ghana, the West African sub-region and beyond.

Our Goal
CUUFIS seeks to be a world class center for innovative research, training and activities in financial studies relevant for all participants on the financial market.


Our Method

  • Undertake independent research work on the financial services sector.
  • Create a pool of researchers with interest in finance and banking to share research ideas and collaborate in research assignments.
  • Collaborate with other global partners in the area of financial studies.
  • Create a thriving spirit of camaraderie among researchers of the center.

Our Core Values - CICIRE

  • Commitment - center members and researchers are dedicated to getting results and output within the mission of CUUFIS.
  • Innovation - CUUFIS creates an enabling environment and freedom for researchers to identify emerging research questions that position the center as a leader in financial studies. 
  • Collaboration- members work in teams that take into account individual members’ skills, interests and strengths, providing opportunities for learning and friendship to take place within the CUUFIS family.
  • Integrity - our researchers undertake assignments with the expected ethical and professional standards, and present unaltered results and unbiased analyses. 
  • Relevance - CUUFIS strives to be of importance to all stakeholders within the financial sector space by using our research to address pertinent issues in an impactful and practical manner. 
  • Excellence - at CUUFIS we make every effort to produce high quality output in all our research and related assignments.


Our Relationships

CUUFIS has two main target groups: industry players within the financial sector and the government. The major medium employed to reach these groups is through our research findings and research recommendations. We are also open to relationships with domestic, international partners, other research institutes and centers around the globe with an interest in the financial services industry.



Our Contributors

  • Researchers from departments within Central University and researchers from other tertiary institutions and research centers around the globe are welcome to join CUUFIS.


Our email



Click to download the CUCFIX Banking Sector Report 2018

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