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Central University has established the Counselling and Career Services Centre with the mandate to promote a healthy campus environment and enhance student learning. The Centre is to help both students and staff to deal with psychosocial barriers to success and personal wellbeing and maintain balance for teaching, learning and life.

Guidance and Counselling

"A counseling program provides guidance and support for individuals to improve their mental and emotional well-being."

Internship Coordination

"Gain hands-on experience and develop skills through our internship program."

Career and Placement Services

"Choosing the right Career and Placement Services can make a significant impact and help us create a better future."

Financial Aid Evaluations

"Assessment of students in financial distress for possible ecommendation to Scholarship Committee."
Our Statement

Our Vision is to be an effective Counselling and Career Services provider for staff and students of the Central University and its surrounding communities.

Our Mission is to provide guidance, counselling and career services that enhance personal and professional development and employability nationally and globally. We support student recruitment, enrolment, retention, graduation and transition into the world of work by helping to deal with issues which affect student success and employability.

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Ways to Help

Your support helps to educate leaders who make a difference in the world

Alumni Engagement

Empowering individuals to pursue education and opportunities that can profoundly transform their future prospects and positively impact society.

Sudent care and emergency resource funds

Providing resources, funding, and encouragement to advance scientific and academic investigations, ultimately promoting innovation and knowledge expansion

Success Ambassadors

Providing targeted assistance or resources to address a particular areas, topic, or aspect of a broader context.

Leave A Gift In Your Will

Involves including specific assets or funds in your will to be passed on to designated individuals.

Our Services

Our services include the following:

Psychosocial orientation for newly admitted students

Adjustment to University life

Educational Goal Setting

Drug abuse and addiction

Career Advising and Coaching

Mentorship Programmes

Stress management

Relationship issues

How to choose programme/career path

Student Success Toolkit Series

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